HBAR Bulls Await Pullback: Capital Inflow and Liquidations Highlight Strength

13. Februar 2023 Aus Von admin


• Hedera hashgraph (HBAR) has seen a steady increase in price since reaching its low at $0.0356 in December 2022.
• The rally of the past six weeks coincided with a run upward for Bitcoin, and the price recently broke above $0.05 on 14 January.
• There is an obvious and large gap that needs to be filled at $0.08, and bulls can wait for a pullback to this area of interest instead of succumbing to FOMO.

Recent Rally Coinciding With Bitcoin Run

Hedera hashgraph (HBAR) has faced a 93.8% drawdown from its peak at $0.576 in November 2021 to its lows at $0.0356 in December 2022. Since reaching this low, however, the price has found steady demand and rallied over the past six weeks coinciding with Bitcoin’s run upwards which fed capital and hope into the altcoin market. It remains unclear how much higher HBAR can go, with levels such as $0.1 and $0.12 being those to watch in the coming days; however, HBAR bulls can wait for a pullback instead of succumbing to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Inefficiencies To Fill After 3 Days Of Green

On the daily timeframe it can be seen that HBAR left some inefficiencies on its way up over the past two months, although smaller imbalances were not filled; an obvious large one did witness retracement recently – this FVG extended from $0.062-$0